Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ghost Pumpkins from my urban garden!

Last spring I planted some flowers in my small urban garden. Some were from plants and some from seeds. But because of our early hot and dry season the seeds failed to sprout. I had added compost from my compost pile that I had started the summer before and tried to keep them watered. Although the seeds I planted failed, there were some surprises. I began to see plants coming up that looked like melon or cucumber leaves. They continued growing and I discovered that they were ornamental pumpkins. I had tossed ornamental pumpkins in the compost last fall after Halloween and Thanksgiving was over. I was happy to see the volunteer plants from the composted pumpkins. Here are my first three Ghost Pumpkins from these plants. There are a lot more of these little tiny 2 ½” white pumpkins growing in my garden and only one little orange pumpkin.

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