Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hidden Treasures Behind the Door

Some of the things I like to look for when my husband and I go out junking in the alleys is vintage door hardware. We usually have to remove the hardware from the doors. Most of the time the doors are solid 4 or 5 paneled wood doors so we bring the whole thing home and take the door knobs, plates and locks off there. I have also used 4 wooden doors to line the wall behind my vintage fireplace bar giving it an old world look. When I've collected several sets of the hardware and have a nice grouping I then list them on Ebay. Here are some pieces that I’ve sold in the past.

So yesterday when were going down an alley we stopped when we saw an old door peeking out from behind a sheet of dry wall that had been rained on. Behind the rain warped dry wall there was an old door beyond repair, but my husband found this wonderful large old mirror that was hidden and protected from the weather.

The mirror measures 45"wide x 55"tall and has a castle-like top to it. It would not fit on the fireplace mantle so I hung it at the end of the hall. After locating some hardware to hang it I attempted to hang it myself. It took me three tries of hanging and adjusting until I got the right height. Here it is hung on the wall, it's really hard to get a good picture of a mirror without getting yourself in it.