Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun Custom Illustrated Portraits that are Personalized Just For You

Fun Custom Illustrated Portraits that are Personalized Just For You at my Etsy Store.

I love doing these custom portraits that are illustrated from a photo. I like to find out what the persons favorite colors are, favorite flowers, insects or favorite animals, pets are. (you can send a pet photo to be included somewhere in the finished portrait, no extra charge). Also if there is a certain style you want like Gothic, romantic, steampunk let me know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Romantic Picks

Here are some of my Romantic Picks for Valentines Day.
1. White roses and lavender are the two most romantic flowers and scent
2.Flowing pastel dresses with tiny ruffled hems
3.Floral stockings or sandals that lace up to your knees
4.Crocheted wrist-lets with floral accents
5.Romantic netting draped over your bed
6.And.. LOVE

Rosiemoonbeams... by rosiemoonbeam

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Special Gift!

For Christmas my sister and her husband gave me this necklace. My sister always knows the perfect gift to give. I love it! It matches my logo except the bird's feet are wrapped around a garnet, my birthstone. Thank you guys!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Collection of Vintage Valentines

I love old cards, the illustrations on them are always so cute and the colors so vibrant. Here is a collection of vintage valentine cards from the 1940s that I have just listed in my Artfire Store.
This is only a few of them.

Check out these Valentines Day Gift and Cards to Make

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Survival

Well the holidays are over. All the gifts got made even though there is never enough time. Every year I say to myself that I am going to start early. And every year I wait to the last minute. Here are some of the gifts I made this year. A couple of months ago I had come across some Liquitex glossies glass paints that someone had thrown out and I already had plenty of white tiles. (People are always throwing out thier extra tiles from remodeling projects.) So I decided to make coaster sets. The first 2 sets I made using a 2 part tree stencil in a two shades of green and then finishing off the sides with paint and gluing cork (also found) on the bottoms.

For packaging I used corrugated cardboard to wrap the coasters and finished off with raffia.
I thought I had taken photos of my other finished coasters but being in such a rush I must have forgotten. It's nothing new! At Thanksgiving time four of my five boys were here and I totally forgot to take photos, but made up for it at Christmas!
Anyway the other coasters I made turned out even better. I painted Ginkgo leaves and stamped swirls on one set and the last two sets were done in purple and gold in a moon motif. I will have to take pictures when I go over to my sister's house next time.

Here is another project I made using leather from a sample book that was thrown away. I cut 6" circles, punched holes around the edges threading leather lacing through the holes which was pulled and tied to make a "Special Treasure Pouch". These tiny little pouches are perfect for holding small found treasures like seashells or rocks. I also made custom t-shirts for all the guys. But again No Pictures! I think that one of my New Years resolutions should be - Don't Forget To Take Pictures!

Here are two more photos from Christmas I want to share.

A closeup of my Christmas tree.

This photo I took on the way to my sister's house on Christmas Eve. I love this photo, it has a ghostly haunting look.