Thursday, December 4, 2008

Repurposed glass bottle tops turned into Christmas ornaments.

I've been collecting glass bottle tops for several years because I thought they were pretty. I would pick them up at garage sales, thrift stores and sometimes on ebay. Not sure what I would do with them they laid in a drawer just waiting. I came up with the idea of using them for Christmas ornaments.

So I got out some wire and some beads to wrap around the base of the glass tops.

The beads I used are glass beads from a broken vintage necklace.
I wrapped the wire, making sure it was secure and added beads at intervals as I wrapped the wire up into a spiral ending with a little loop.

Here is the finished ornaments on my Christmas tree. And when Christmas is over I can hang them in a window to enjoy year round.

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.