Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentines Day Gifts and Cards to Make

Not far from where I live in Denver there's a little diy boutique called Fancy Tiger. I walk by it every week but have only gone in once. They carry a nice assortment of yarns and fabrics and even have classes. I happened upon their blog and found this really cute idea for Valentines day, felted conversation hearts. Check out Fancy Tiger along with directions on how to make the felted conversation hearts. I think that I will be stopping in more often.
At Hearts Hearts Hearts you will find a vast array of Valentines Day Heart Crafts including links to instructions on how to make Swedish paper hearts, origami hearts, paper heart gift box, nail heart art and diy valentines day cards to print or make. Below is a photo I took of a collection of vintage valentine cards, a heart box and assorted red and heart objects. You can save this photo and print it out for a valentines day card for your special sweetheart.


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