Thursday, July 9, 2009

Visit My Urban Garden Decorated With Found Junk

A little fairy inside a thrown away old carriage light fixture greets you at the gate of my urban garden.

While a worn chalk ware frog waits for a tasty fly to land by.

Found Victorian architectural pieces. An old window without the glass will serve as a trellis for the plants as they grow. And a white column pedestal holds a glass light globe as a gazing ball.
Here I hung an old crock full of sunny yellow yarrow in the window.Glass chips were put around the glass globe to add some sparkle. They actually look like ice chips.
Another old window and some wooden croquet balls add color and whimsy. My patio table set with a vintage picnic basket, an old iron fireplace piece and a tin watering can filled with more yarrow.


  1. I love it! My favorite has to be the croquet balls - they really add some great color.

  2. What fantastic ideas you have! I found your blog while looking for a sugar cookie recipe- I found Martha's and followed your link. Really love the blog!