Friday, February 12, 2010

The Key to My Heart Resin Pendant and Vintage Jewelry Necklaces

I wanted to make something special for Valentine's Day so I started looking through all my treasures. Some people might call it junk! Since I get my inspiration by looking at items grouped together laying on my work table I started pulling out pieces of vintage jewelry and anything that was red. I decided to make some necklaces combining the pieces of vintage jewelry. I also came across a group of old keys, not skeleton keys but just regular old small keys. I knew these would not work with the vintage jewelry but I wanted to use them somehow. Then I remembered during a resin making fest, I had made some resin hearts cast from a mold. I dug them out and decided that I could attach them to the key and the best part is that the key acts as the bail for the necklaces.

For the necklaces I used a vintage black Bakelite heart charm, a vintage mother of pearl heart charm and watch fob along with vintage and new chain.

For this one I used a collection of old charms, a little round locket, a framed vintage photo of a stranger and a vintage key attached to a vintage necklace. I just love these memory necklaces they are so romantic.

For my resin "Key To My Heart" pendants I glued my resin hearts that I had made previously onto my old keys.To make the resin hearts I added glitter, tiny beads, punched out stars and little strips of paper that was rubber stamped with an old rubber stamp set. The kind where each letter is separate and you add them to the holder, so you can make any word to stamp. I know I could print out words and that this way is a little time consuming but I like the look of the ink.

Here is the finished product. I used black silk cording for the necklaces looping them through the hole of the key.

Here is the Key To My Heart! Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Very pretty necklaces. I love the memory necklaces too. I think the key to my heart ones are such a creative idea.