Friday, March 13, 2009

Recycle an ordinary ceiling light - Faux Stained Glass

The ceiling light shade in my bathroom was just your standard frosted glass shade. To give it an old world look I used gold colored glass to transform it. I had picked up some colored glass at a stained glass store where they sold scraps by the pound. Call around to see if any stained class store sells it that way. Otherwise buy a small sheet. Using a glass cutter I cut the glass into small squares.
I glued the glass squares using a strong glue that dries clear. Make sure you leave a small space between the squares about an 1/8th". After the glue dried I used a charcoal color grout to fill in the gaps. Using a dark colored grout gave the whole project a stained glass look. I finished it off by adding a brass finial.

Mosaics with the Glass Guys

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