Monday, March 2, 2009

Wild about wilderness - Build Green!

I love the mountains! I use to live west of Denver at 9,000 ft and loved it. This little 4" x 4" shadow box collage expresses what the mountains mean to me. Simple and green!
My future plan is to build a cob house up in the mountains. Cob is a method of building with clay, sand and straw. Houses have been built with cob in parts of Britain from the 15th century until industrialization and cheap transportation made brick the preferred building method, and was considered the norm. There is now a revival in North America that started in Oregon. The cob revival is still in the beginning stages as more cob homes are being built in diverse locations. There are cob-building schools where you can get hands on instruction and learn all the methods. No electric tools are used, so building with cob is like an old-fashioned barn raising, where friends and family of all ages can join in. I have put together some information on cob building here for easy reference.

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