Thursday, July 10, 2008

Useful Items Found From Trash

Well I’m a little behind on my posting and I wanted to share the Found Objects from last week. This is some of the things that we found one day as we went down a couple of alleys. My husband looks for electronics, tools, wood and recyclables. While I look for anything that still has life in it or can be used in another way. Here are my found objects.

3 – stackable 4Gal storage drawer containers originally from a popular bed and bath store
A colorful woven bag
The New Complete JOY of Home Brewing paperback book.
Foliage Clusters - these are for hobby train landscaping
A green ceramic canister
An Orange fabric tablecloth
One purple VIBRA-TONE and tom tom (this is a Latin Percussion Instrument)
Various scrap pieces of green fabric and a bag of feathers
A small piece of silk material that has beautiful oriental style fish swimming around.
Some aqua, turquoise & blue yarns
Seven red candles still in package
A box of tumbled cracked clear decorative glass
A small black metal lamp that shines upward
A dozen unused tea lights
Container of assorted nails
4” x 6” block of unused 1” thick Plexiglas
3 new paint brushes
Skein of 16 Ga. Dark Annealed Wire 2lb
10 old metal jacks, ouch I remember stepping on these as a child in bare feet. OUCH!
And assorted colors of watercolor and acrylic paints

Out of all this stuff the paint brushes, paint, wire, Plexiglas, nails, yarns, feathers, fabric, foliage clusters, woven bag and the old metal jacks are all supplies that I can use in my art projects. I placed all of this in my studio, along with the storage containers to await further use. The candles, light, decorative glass, canister, and tablecloth will be used for décor. The vibra-tone will be added to our musical instrument collection. And the JOY of Home Brewing book has me now looking for the bottles and containers needed to brew your own. I already know were to go to pick wild hops.
As I find a use for each item I will take pictures and post them. And keep you informed of new found objects.

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