Thursday, October 23, 2008

Make Scary Signs and Tombstones from Construction Foam Scraps

This is how I made scary signs and tombstones from thrown away construction foam. The pieces I used were scraps that were put in a dumpster at a building site. I left the pieces the size that they were, but if you want to cut the foam use either a serrated knife or an electric knife. I used a soft graphite pencil to draw with. First I divided the foam piece into how many letters are in the word and then drew out my letters. Using my Dremel I began to cut the foam away, leaving the letters untouched and carving to a depth of about 1/4".

When I was satisfied with the carving I used a polymer clear coat called Sculpt and Coat to seal the foam. When dry I used a light gray paint as the base coat and a darker gray that I sponged on after the base coat dried. This gives the appearance of stone and helped to accent the letters.
Here is the finished BEWARE sign.
To make the tombstones use a knife to cut the tops of rectangles into tombstone shapes. Then use your imagination on what to carve on your tombstone. I choose to carve skulls, R.I.P. and roman numerals.
Check Spelling
Here are the two tombstones finished and in place against my cemetery wall.

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