Thursday, October 2, 2008

Make Spooky Halloween Bottles for Party Decorations

The other day I found these labels at the Dollar Store. There was 8 labels in a package for $1.00. I already had some old bottles that I knew would be perfect for this project.

Because a couple of months ago my husband and I found a case of wine that someone had thrown out by the dumpster. It was thrown out because the wine had not been stored right. I found this out after opening a bottle and trying it and finding out it had turned to vinegar. I kept the wine, because you never know! Although the wine had turned to vinegar it was still usable for cooking. And now I've found a another use for the wine filled bottles, Halloween decorations! I soaked the bottles in soapy water to remove the labels. After a few minutes the old labels just slipped right off, so I was able to save them to use for a future project.

Here is how they turned out. The EMBALMING JUICE is my favorite spooky bottle. This large amber bottle is 13" tall, it's one that I already had and didn't know what to do with it.

And the ZOMBIE VIRUS is a vintage liquor bottle that was found in the basement of our building. These spooky bottles will be a nice addition to this years Halloween decorations.

I went and checked my email after I was done with my bottles and there was an email from my sister. She sent me this link to some free Halloween labels that you can print out and use. Some of them are very cool, so I guess I'm making some more Halloween bottles. I've got to wonder, how did she know that's what I was doing?

The next thing I'm working on is my witches potion and spell books. I'll put pictures up when I'm done.

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