Thursday, October 30, 2008

Turn a cabinet into a witches cabinet for Halloween

For my Halloween party I wanted to turn a glass cabinet that I had into a spooky witches cabinet. I went around the house gathering up items that I thought would be interesting for my witches cabinet and here is the finished look.

I draped creepy cloth across the windows on the inside. They look like curtains that have hung forever and are now all tattered and torn.

I added lots of bottles filled with colored water.

Gourds from a previous years garden.

I found a package of sticky four fingered hands that had loops on the top, so they were perfect to put over the tops of bottles.

Here I added a true love potion bottle, a witches journal and gem stones scattered about.

The eyeballs are candy, I scattered some around and stuffed some into jars. This project was a lot of fun and added a lot of visual interest to the party.

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